Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anupam Kher saddened with Kashm

Mumbi: From unruly crowds to actors walking out, director Dholakia and producer Bunty Walia have had their hands full. Interestingly, Anupam Kher, who appears to play a Muslim leader in the film, is a Kashmiri Brahmin. He says going back to the region to film for Lamhaa left him quite upset and saddened. “For me, it was a completely different experience as compared to Rahul or Sanjay. For me, it was an emotional transformation. I remember Kashmir hassle-free, army-free, gun-free, bullet-free, bombs-free. And when I land there for the shoot of Lamhaa, right until Pahelgaon, we only see destruction. We only see fear. This wasn’t only with Kashmiri Brahmins – they had to leave that place - but also for Muslims. It was very sad,” says the legendary actor.The senior star says that despite his emotional upheaval, he had to take control of his feelings and shoot for the movie. “Cinema teaches you to separate yourself from human issues, and makes you do things where a common man does not reach. So, I had to separate from my emotional trauma and perform, but the ultimate feeling was of sadness,” he says.The actor can’t help but ask questions of the government, who hasn’t really done much to help the people of the region. “A long time back, Omar’s father, Mr. Farookh Abdullah, had come to my house, and he said 'You people must shoot in Kashmir.' And he came to Bombay, in my house, with 10 commandos. And he expected us to shoot in Kashmir without any forces. I see the irony of that there,” he says with a sad smile.

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