Sunday, June 6, 2010


It’s usual biological process: Dr Romshoo
Bandipora, June 6: A non-governmental organization has observed methane gas bubbles in Wular Lake here, 70 kms north of Srinagar.A team of engineers associated with Kashmir Social and Environment Protection Coordination (KEPCO), a Valley-based NGO, said they found the lake releasing gases that catch abrupt fire. “Several parts of Wular lake are releasing gases which catch sudden fire during a close contact with inflammable material,” said a KEPCO spokesman, Taha Mubashir. “We visited the lake to find out the gas bubbles after locals informed us about the same. The gas bubbles are likely that of methane. But it has been hard to quantify how much gas is being released.” Fishermen from Kulhahama said they witnessed lake released gas bubbles for the past few years. “Earlier the bubbles would emanate from just one spot, but over the years the numbers of spots have increased,” said Javaid Ahmad, a resident. Experts, however, said it was a normal biological process. “It is the property of wetlands to release greenhouse methane gas and there are hundreds of such places in and around the Wular Lake releasing such gases,” said noted hydrologist of Kashmir, Dr Shakeel A Romshoo. “The anaerobic biological process going on inside the Lake and the continuous water logging is responsible for emanation of such gases. This little quantity of gas is not exploitable and hence cannot be stored for commercial purposes.”

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