Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make your own world

Lebul Nisa
Childhood the immediate words that come to our mind after thinking about it, are innocence, free and of course peaceful.These are the days which we live to the fullest doing what we really like. Memories of childhood are something that we cherish throughout our life. Have we ever thought what makes it so special?Though a child, life is not as free as we perceive it to be. Its the child alone that has to bear the hefty school bag, it's the child's tender heart alone that has to go through the fear of examination, it's the child alone that has to pass that examination and for that matter it is the child alone that has to spend good number of hours away from home, and also shoulders the responsibilities like an adult but still childhood is the best.
It is so simply because during childhood we are ourselves and express only what we are. And here lies the innocence of childhood. Being a child we never hesitate in asking the stupid question that crosses our mind. We never mind playing on roadside or with mud.But alas! as the childhood passes away, so do the innocent days of our life. They never return. Once we leave school, our struggle for existence begins. And the instant lesson that is taught to us, “You will only be accepted if you make a position in the society and if you succeed in getting the BEST in life."But no one is able to define that "best". Failing to comprehend, to realize, and to visualize this “best” we get suppressed.A human is no less than a wonder. God bestowed each soul with a unique combination of a heart and mind. This uniqueness makes every person special and different.When we go in search of the ‘best’ (that we are being told) we often return back with ‘something’ which is incompatible with our inner self although compatible with society. We fail to realize that our inner self is compatible not with everything but with only few things.We strive, work hard. What for? Answer is to support ourselves. So we should opt for that ‘support system’ which has got the consent from our inner self. It should be decided after assessing our aptitude and caliber? YES it should be.But, while opting for a career we prioritize it, it is decided by the word like scope, status, financial securities and other such considerations.Under such circumstances a writer becomes a doctor. An artist becomes an engineer. A human being eventual becomes a machine which is driven by compulsions and not by choice.What we become isn’t decided by our inner self but by the society and by social forces. This kind of situation gives rise to a conflict, a conflict which is hard to resolve. The person alone has to bear the brunt of this conflict which often results in restlessness.We believe in outside world but never have courage to locate what is within us.But I believe jobs don't make life happy and cheerful, we need something more than social status, and money. If money purchases happiness then all the rich people in the world would have been content and cheerful. But that isn’t the case to be. To be happy one needs inner satisfaction and that satisfaction come only when we follow our inner voice and self rather than outer world.If we have to become happy in life we must start believing in ourselves and begin the search for it. That is the BEST that we have.Frame the goal of your life and start working for it and give the best shot. No power will stop you from shining. And it is here that you will give yourself the immense satisfaction and real happiness.We live once. No power can turn us away from our cherished goal. While pursuing this goal we shouldn’t feel tired or exhausted. It is for this goal for which we can travel miles and miles? We should possess the courage to listen to our inner self as it takes guts to go against the crowd. We often underestimate our inner power, that’s why we easily get swayed away. What is the fun of making a skyscraper when we fail in making a home; what is the fun of becoming a heartthrob, when we fail to listen to our own heart?

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