Friday, July 23, 2010

Unite and Give direction to the ongoing movement: Salah-ud-Din To Hurriyat

No need of indefinite strike
‘Stone Pelting A Means Of Resistance’

Srinagar, July 23: Justifying stone pelting as a means of resistance, the United Jihad Council chairman, Syed Salah-ud-Din Friday urged the pro-freedom leaders in Kashmir to unite and give direction to the ongoing movement. He said the “continuous” strike was not a solution to the Kashmir problem and the leadership must unite and unanimously think of a programme whereby “the struggle against India continues and people too don’t suffer.”In a telephonic interview with local news agency, KNS, Salah-ud-Din said, “At a place where India has stationed seven lakh troops who use brutal force against the peaceful protesters, hurling stones and firepots is the only way of resistance left with the people,” Salah-ud-Din said.He said it was unfortunate that the government of India and Jammu and Kashmir described even “stone pelting as terrorism.”He rejected India’s claim that Pakistan was behind stone-pelting in Kashmir.Salah-ud-Din said there was no need to go for continuous Hartals in Kashmir. “The way people have started the ongoing movement is worth appreciation. However, it needs a strategy and direction by the leadership so that people don’t suffer and the ongoing movement against India continues. The Hartal call can be given in a phased manner so that common man is not put to trouble and the education of children continues,” he said.The movement, he said, was not there for a day or two but a continuous one. “The agitation needs to be taken to the district level by calling for marches in the districts. However, work in other districts should be allowed when a march call is given in a particular district,” he said.He said the freedom movement in Kashmir was at a “critical juncture” and the ongoing movement proved that India had failed to break the people’s resolve in the past 62 years “despite using force.” “Today the freedom movement has seeped into the blood of 85 percent of Kashmirs, mostly youngsters, who are seen fighting for the cause on streets across the Valley. Already five lakh people have scarified their precious lives for the cause,” Salahud-Din said.He said neither the voices of Kashmiris can be silenced nor can their resolve be broken, come what may. “Kashmir has been turned into a garrison, an Army camp. Everywhere there is Army, police and CRPF who are busy cane-charging the peaceful protesters. But such tactics are not going to affect the people’s sentiment,” he said.He said the freedom movement in Kashmir belonged to the people of Kashmir, who have sacrificed their lives, property and honour for it. “The ongoing Quit Kashmir Movement is the goal of Kashmir freedom struggle. However, it is important to have a strategy, planning and direction at this juncture which is possible only when leaders shun their differences and unite,” Salah-ud-Din said. “The freedom struggle is alive and we need to put more life into it. And to make it happen, we have no option but to see a united leadership.”He said people should clarify their stand as to whether they want to be a part of the struggle or want education for their wards. “Sacrifices are important if freedom movement is to be taken to its logical conclusion,” he said. “And during the struggle, education sector can face some impact.”

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