Monday, August 9, 2010

'Kill Us Before You Kill Our Sons And Daughters', Kashmiri Women's Message

Srinagar: Kashmir's women in a protest against the Indian Forces were seen holding banners that said "Kill us before you kill our young boys and girls".
The ruthless killing that has been going on for more than eight weeks in the Indian Occupied Kashmir have killed more than 45 people in such short period.
According to a woman teacher in the Indian occupied Kashmir, Kashmir's women are now mentally ill, because of the mass killing taking place in their region. The lady teacher continued saying that they have lost their patience; the Indian army has killed their sons, brothers, father and many more innocent people. Therefore, they can no more stay as silent spectators. This time, an increased number of women were seen involved in the demonstrations. This is particularly because two women recently got killed during the curfew timings by the Indian Army in the Kashmir.

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