Sunday, August 8, 2010

PPP govt silent over Kashmir issue

LAHORE : The Kashmir issue is not on the priority list of the incumbent PPP government, as it is keeping mum over the status quo in Held Kashmir, say leaders of Kashmir Action Committee Pakistan (KACP). Justice (r) Syed Sharif Hussain Bokhari, president KACP, Lt Col (r) AM Mir, Dr Khurshid Sikander along with other leaders of the KACP expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Saturday. They said the status quo in Held Valley suits India but not the Kashmiris and the Pakistanis, however, silence of Islamabad on the status quo was a matter of serious concern. Leaders of the KACP said India, instead of taking up the real issue of holding dialogue over the Kashmir issue, always touched the supplementary issues which established the fact New Delhi was not serious in talks on the issue. Terming the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as ‘Wooden Horse’ they asserted the organisation had not played its due role regarding building pressure on India to resolve the Kashmir issue. However, they expressed the hope that OIC would play its due role in the times to come in this regard. They said the current uprising in Occupied Kashmir was a ‘New Intifada’, which, the Indians could not suppress with its thousand guns and it would continue till the independence of Kashmir

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