Wednesday, March 10, 2010

577 militants killed in group clashes

Jammu, March 09: As many as 577 militants were killed in various group clashes between different militant outfits during past two decades of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir. As per the recent State Home Ministry statistics, as many as 820 incidents of group clashes have taken place between various militant outfits in last 20 years of militancy and 577 militants and 173 civilians were killed in these incidents. Around 102 militants and 398 civilians were injured in these incidents, the report said. The highest number of 170 group clashes took place in 1995 in which 108 militants and 35 civilians were killed and 23 militants and 57 civilians were injured. It was followed by 168 incidents in 1994 in which 110 militants and 29 civilians were killed and 15 militants and 47 civilians injured. Similarly, 121 incidents took place in 1993 followed by 103 in 1992, 87 in 1996 in which 74 militants and 30 civilians were killed. In 1992, 64 militants and 41 civilians were killed.

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