Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flowers business flourishing in Kashmir

Srinagar: With the onset of spring season, the demand for flowers has increased manifold in Srinagar. With the rise in demand, the turnover of the flower business is estimated to be over Rs 25 millions in the valley.
"Turnover (of flower business) is estimated at more than Rs. 25 million from November to March. Only few growers have shown interest in growing flowers, and it is on rise. We are hoping that demand for hybrid seeds, which are in trend these days, will also increase," said Mohammad Yusuf, a flower grower.The increased demand for flowers has paved the way for expanding floriculture in the region, with growers importing plants from other parts of the country. Flower vendors can be seen in the streets of the city selling plants starting from Rs 10.I have come to buy flowers here. As people in the region are fond of growing flowers, growers have imported varieties of flowers from other parts of country also. That's why people of the region come here to buy flowers, and I'm also fond of growing flowers," said Mushtaq, a customer. The Kashmir valley is also known for its gardens, like the Mughal Garden and the Tulip Garden that have been major attractions for tourists.

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