Thursday, March 4, 2010

Missing child comes home after 20 yrs

Rafiabad, March 04: An eight-year-old child who went missing twenty years ago, has returned as a young man on Wednesday to the house of his parents here, courtesy a truck driver. Maroof, a local truck driver brought Javid - now a young man of 28 - from Sabzi Mandi Srinagar to his heartbroken parents Ghulam Rasool Dar and Suraiya. However, in between the final and emotional reunion is a DNA test, which the family has sought on the young man, claiming twenty years is a long long time. Javid had disappeared from near Zero Bridge, Srinagar on October 3, 1990. “So far only twenty percent identification reveals that he is our Javid. He is a fully grown man now and we lost him when he was only eight,” said Dar. “By twenty percent identification, I mean we found some marks on his body similar to boy Javid's. And he remembers the place where from he disappeared, its description and all that." According to Dar, the young man said long time back he was picked up by some old man near a three-way junction, with a water pipe and tap nearby. The old man spoke a language that resembles Gojri. Dar said the young man does not remember anything more. Suraiya, who is losing her patience to give him an affectionate hug, said she is waiting for the DNA test reports. “Once the report will confirm him as my son, I will give him all love that he missed all these years,” a mother's love oozes out.Suraiya has spent twenty years watching the river Jhelum flowing through the village, with the hope that Javid would return one day. However, when Suraiya saw him first after his re-appearance on Wednesday, it was an emotional reunion, tears rolling down their cheeks. The family members are confident and claim that the young man has no thirst for wealth and is not enacting a fake affiliation with the family for any ulterior motive. According to Dars, the young man disclosed to them that he had no one in life and spent all these years travelling and finally became a driver himself. “He told us he spent ten years in Transport Nagar Delhi and also worked at some transport workshop. He used to travel with drivers and became a driver by profession. But having no identification records, he couldn’t procure a license,” said Nasir, son of Dar.According to family members, he willingly agreed to go for a DNA test. In 1990, when the child was eight only, the maternal grandfather who loved Javid very much insisted that he accompanied him to Srinagar for studies. Javid stayed with his grandfather at Rajbagh and got admitted in Child’s Care Public School in Standard II. Javid, on October 3, 1990, left home to play with his friends "under the Chinars". His friends returned to their respective homes but Javid didn't. His family went from pillar to post to seek whereabouts of their child but in vain. The family even approached the top-brass in administration and sought their help to trace their son.Every morning the despondent father Dar used to leave the house with the hope that he will find his son. “Sometimes people used to tell me that Javid was arrested by the CRPF. Some told me that he was seen in Joint Interrogation Centre, Jammu and some said that he was adopted by some CRPF officer who took him somewhere in India,” said Dar, tears rolling down his cheeks. The maternal relations of Javid clain he is the missing child. However, pending the DNA results, the rush of people and Kehwa being served at the residence of Ghulam Rasool Dar suggests their son has returned.

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