Thursday, April 22, 2010

I swear he is innocent

Srinagar, Apr 22: Erie silence prevailed in Mirza house on Thursday. The news about Delhi court awarding a death sentence to Mirza Nisar in Lajpat Nagar blast case had shocked the family members. They were putting up a brave face to ensure that Nisar’s mother should not know about the court verdict.As this correspondent knocked at the door of Mirza house in Shameswari in old city, a girl who introduced herself as sister of the convict said, “My mom shouldn’t come to know about it as she will die. You please talk to my brother who is staying in my uncle’s home.”Zaffar Hussain Mirza, elder brother of Nisar, said, “I was expecting my brother will be released. But the Court passed the death sentence against him. He was a child, when he was arrested. I swear he is innocent.” Nisar is one among three accused sentenced to death by District and Sessions Court Delhi. However, his brother, Mirza Iftikhar, was among four persons acquitted by the Court due to lack of evidence. Zaffar said his brothers were among scores of people picked up in 1996 in Delhi and other places after Lajpat Nagar blast. “They were associated with Kashmir Arts and had nothing to do with any subversive activity,” he said. He said he was hoping that like his brother Mirza Iftikhar, who was acquitted by Court early this month, Nisar would also be released. Zaffar who has last seen his brother in Tihar jail 3-years ago said the prosecution had not produced any witness in the case and still the judge passed death sentence. He said though his another brother Iftikhar has been acquitted by the Court, he had not been released so far. Zaffar who is the lone breadwinner of the family, which comprises his old mother and three sisters, said, “After my father’s death and arrest of my brothers all the responsibilities fell on my shoulders. I somehow managed to get my three sisters married. But the latest decision has shocked the whole family. I’m not able to understand how I will console my sisters and mother.” Nisar’s uncle, Mirza Muhammad Hussain, who was in a state of shock, said, “He was a minor when he was arrested. He is an orphan.” The elder Mirza said that they contacted the PDP president Mehbooba Mufti and Minister for Rural Development, Ali Muhammad Sagar, some years back for the help. “But alas ….,” he added.

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