Saturday, January 9, 2010

Song for the dead

Diversity is a fine idea and, while looking at the miscellaneous existence both in human and non-human forms, it seems that even God liked diversity and hence guarded it against all sorts of aggression including political, religious, cultural and other types of hostilities that stood in its way and tried to sabotage it undermining even the designs of almighty. But as history teaches us, things have never remained too calm in this spherical shaped mass full of life, existence and treachery too. After each marginal period of peace, havoc has hovered strong enough to uproot civilizations and erase empires. In most of the cases humans have slaughtered humans for superiority of stature and winning the number games which as a matter of fact, could never been attained and humanity was rather degenerated each passing season. What remained was diversity which stood sturdy against the onslaughts and lived through history, no matter how hostile the times may have been. Amongst the grave tragedies that took place and market the history of this planet are those incited by humans who, in an endeavor of mistaken pride, scratched their respective faiths, religions and sects for drawing a vivid line of hatred across themselves that led a chain of hatred campaigns resulting in slaughtering of innocence and human life without any respite. Religions became simple tokens for hatred and as a result, taking liberty with the scriptures, humans saw humans as enemies and divulged only revulsion for others even when each faith tried to teach love, sympathy and tolerance and revolved around diversity.Well there is no harm in thinking as well as praising ones own set of beliefs after understanding and identifying it both as a practical way of life as a spirit. As long as a religious discourse is aimed at exchanging views harmoniously and towards a peaceful tomorrow there is certainly no harm. But, unfortunately, the case has been often the other way round and instead of peace war has been the outcome.Many of my Muslim friends often refute the message of peace, tolerance and harmony with Non Muslims while a few of my Non Muslim friends too feel the same way about Muslims. It is therefore a constant and identifiable hegemony of aggression which has overtaken us completely and turned out to be a potent threat not to any religion but to the design of almighty- ‘diversity’. In any case we have to be aware about diversity and its tough skin responsible for its survival along side history and if we think that by doing so we might run over it we are pathetically wrong.Cliché after Cliché and stereotype followed by stereotype, we have injured none other than ourselves and hit at the very base. If on one hand my Muslim friends constantly quote Mufti’s and various Muslim schools of though and take refuge in it for displaying intolerable attitude towards the other view points, on the other hand stereotyped image of Muslims as ‘terrorists’ becomes the base of hatred against Muslims in the eyes of Non Muslims. The hostility seems growing more like wild fire and has, seemingly, no end. The scope for the ‘spirit’ of existence-diversity seems shrinking within human hearts and this onslaught may not allow even a little breather for it and ultimately draw the beginning of the end of world-diversity.Tragedies, now a day’s, are therefore finely choreographed and as a renewed discourse hatred too seems injected in the young blood with a persistent and synchronized effort keeping all the chapters pertaining to brotherhood and tolerance at bay while underscoring intolerance and a grim horizon of life and existence.

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