Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Who am I? And What for?

Beenish Habib
Everyday I come up with new experiences and new rendezvous...that I fail to recognize my self everyday. May be the world wants me to see the illusion as a real perception...I perceive! Yes I do...I make the perception every time… Why am I alive and who am I? These questions may sound illogical...but these are worth a million enigmas...Say I ask you? What have you planned for your future...Oh I just want to be a doctor… Or an engineer...or I will end up with a blissful family...STOP!!!! I am asking of future....It will take some time for us to analyse our future. As for me and me-like students, we are just entrapped in moment-full bliss...Waking in the morning, sipping the tea...getting ready for the college…and meeting your friends…Studying for the exams...coming back…having the sumptuous meal...and then sleep...Done any favor??? No not to me and not even to you...We just miss something in the so called rat race world. I just recall what Paulo Coelho says: “Everyday if you have a work instead of a job ...then everyday is a holiday”What that means is that we have to look for the job and not for the work...and the Allah (SWT) has already ordained a job for us…and I know that most of the people know what job I am talking about. And it should not be coveted. Al-Hasan said: “O son of Adam! Life is only days, so if your day passes, your life becomes shorter...One of the wise people once said: “I am amazed at the one who feels grief over the loss of his wealth but yet he does not feel grief over the loss of his life span, which in fact occurs daily.” So strive hard in worship of Allah (SWT), weep over your sins and flee from the punishment in the Hereafter. The victorious one is he who directs his hopes toward that which is everlasting and cuts off his aspirations for that which is temporary. May Allah (SWT) show us the Siratul-Mustakeem...AmeenTake a Look and thee don’t sigh...Over the perseverance of a human soul .....It may not then plead ,lament or cry before you oh Thee....It may not be able to retrospect.....For it needs you and your amiability and it needs a friend in you.....See you enlighten the strength of a mighty though you don’t reveal...It is known by the soul who agrees you...but even though never agree to you..Take the souls words, decipher them and don’t conceal....Pave the way and favour not like the other souls who don’t understand this phase..Right here in the heart of the soul, there are myriads of moments and dreams ....In every breath it believes you, time flying but for sure it needs you

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